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Holistic Health is my life long passion


Hello, my name is Dawna and I’ve been a holistic natural health enthusiast for many years. I’ve come to learn how amazing natural health can be and how you can live a happy healthier life without relying on pharmaceuticals. 

Don’t get me wrong, conventional medicine has its place in the world but I am here to share with you the tips and tricks I have learned along the way through my inner struggles I’ve dealt with, like my anxiety, hormonal imbalances, stress, adrenal fatigue, physical injuries, anemia and the list goes on. Maybe some of these will work for you, maybe not, everyone responds differently.

Hopefully, you will find some of these useful to you as they have for me.

Throughout the years I have studied many differen’t modalities. I also received a certification in energy medicine from the teachings of Donna Eden from Inner Source. Below are the topics I will cover.  

 Holistic Health Hackers Topics

Some of the holistic categories to be discussed:

Vitamin Supplements
Qi Gong
Chinese Medicine
Brainwave Activation

So stay tuned as I continue to update this site with full of natural health resources for the inquiring mind. 

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